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We Are A Global Courier Network

Donor Organ Transport

100% Logistics Management . . .
from scheduling, to pickup, storage and handling, to transport with real time tracking to your destination.

Reliability & Punctuality

We are very proud of our workforce and have worked hard to create a business network of caring people, committed to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.

Global Shipping Capabilities

As we work to help our clients achieve more, we are committed to constantly innovating and improving upon the entire transportation process.

20 Years Working Exprience

Specialists in Time Critical and Sensitive Deliveries

Time Critical shipments have specific parameters that must be met on your terms. We facilitate and meet your needs with advanced and ever-moving dynamics coordination involving specialized equipment, unique handling needs, and or precise pickup and delivery times; as well as the physical transport requirements and limitations that oftentimes create logistical challenges and or barriers.

Whether it's donor organs, medical equipment, biohazard, hazmat materials, or any other type of time critical coordinated movements . . . our network of air, road, maritime, and rail operations work seamlessly from origin to destination.

Our Mission is an ever-changing ’Process’ . . . of coordinating and moving your resources; people, materials, inventory, and equipment – from Location A to Location B, timely and always without load compromise.

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What We Do

Our Services

Road Transportation

On the Roads . . . via a fleet of well maintained Cars, Buses, Trucks, and ATV’s when needed.

Maritime Transportation

On the Waters, via Cargo Ships, Ferries, Speed Boats, and even Submarines.

Air Transportation

In the Air . . . via Commercial Airlines, Private Jets, Helicopters, and Dirigibles.

Rail Transportation

By Rail . . . via Heavy Rail Freight Carriers, Light Rail Inner-City Rail, High-Speed Inter-City Rail.

We proudly manage one of the very few RAILROAD SERVICES EMERGENCY RESPONSE agencies operating in the United States.

Intermodel Transportation

Intermodal Transport . . . the use and coordination of two or more modes of transportation in moving a containerized set of goods during which the container is passed between transport means (ie, truck, rail, sea and or air).

Pipeline Transportation

Pipeline Transit . . . the movement of solid, liquid or gaseous products through pipelines; mostly used for the transport of crude and refined petroleum products such as oil and natural gas.


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