• For the sculpture, the time to find, harvest and shape the cedar wood used is certainly a factor. John generally uses cedar, because it is more easily carved and gives a better result.

  • Depending on the size of your custom sculpture, John may have to cut down more than one tree.

  • For murals, the site must be carefully examined to make sure the existing wall and paint are in excellent condition so that your mural will last.  If not, the area must be prepared, sealed and painted.

  • John is meticulous in his research to provide you with just the right size, shape and color to fit your specific desires and to match the area your sculpture or mural will be seen in.

  • The final touch is the intricate painting of your sculpture. Using the right colors, always in several thin layers, is what makes John stand out with the most realistic sculptures available anywhere.

  • The murals too must be carefully researched, laid out and designed before the actual painting takes place.  Large murals can take weeks just to plan.

It is this attention to detail that has made John a much sought after artist. Those who own one of John’s original art pieces never cease to admire them in their homes or businesses and neither do their friends, associates, and customers. Join John’s many satisfied customers and order your custom sculpture, mural or the brand new 3 dimensional murals today, they will excite and impress generations to come.



  • Tell us exactly what it is that you want, type of animal, size, color or mural theme etc.  Go to the CONTACT US TAB to email us and give us an idea of what you want.

  • John will call you to get further details.

  • After speaking with you and discussing options, John can tell you how much it will cost to produce your conceptual drawings.  This will be determined by the size and complexity of the project and the amount of research required.

    TIME: 1-4 HOURS COST: $0



  • This phase includes the research necessary to meet your needs.  We may ask you to send us a photo of the area your sculpture or mural will be seen.  The more details you give us, the better.  John can then sketch your sculpture or mural in its final setting so you can get the best idea of how it will look when it is completed.

    TIME: 10 HRS. TO 40 HRS.COST: $250 (minimum) TO $1,000 PAID IN ADVANCE



  •  Based on the final drawings, will determine the cost of your project and the cost of shipping and handling.  Handling includes building a custom wooden crate and packing and anchoring the sculpture.  You may decide to pick up your sculpture or arrange for your own shipping, either by truck or airplane.  NOTE:  Under the right circumstances, you may be able to fly John to your location, put him up at your expense and have him produce your custom sculpture, right on your site.  John loves to travel.



  • Once the final cost of producing and shipping is determined, you will be asked to sign your contract (see sample below), paying half down and half upon completion.



  • (optional) – DVDs are available upon request.  They will show the step by step creation of your project to show your friends and family. At NO CHARGE they will show your project from start to finish and will give be given to you when your art is delivered or completed.  Be sure to let us know at the beginning, when you pay for your conceptual drawings, that you want the DVD.


Elsebusch Realistic Sculptures & Murals

Artistic Contract


I,  (customer) __________________________________, hereby contract with John Elsebusch, for John to design, draw and sculpt, out of wood,  or paint a mural

(DETAILS)  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The finished product will be painted, sealed and delivered or painted on walls to/at (YOUR ADDRESS)


(unless otherwise specified below).  The initial idea phase of the project will be at no cost to me and will require me to give John Elsebusch a detailed idea of the size and scope of the sculpture or wall to be painted.  Once we have A clear written agreement on the details of the sculpture or mural (it is often advisable to send a photo of the area the sculpture will be seen in or the wall to be painted), I will be given the cost to produce three or more detailed renderings of the sculpture or the mural. If I agree to the price of the drawings, I will then pay that amount to John Elsebusch BEFORE he begins his drawings.  This amount is non-refundable and will usually cost between $250 abd $1,000.


Upon completion of the drawings, the drawings will belong to me.  If, after the drawings are completed, I decide not to proceed with the sculpture or mural, the project will be deemed to be completed, I will receive the drawings and Mr. Elsebusch will have no further obligations to me. 


If I approve of the drawings, upon my approval, John will then give me his price for producing the sculpture or mural, which will include the cost to package and ship the product to my desired location.  I agree to pay Mr. Elsebusch 50% of this final cost to produce and ship the sculpture, in order to begin the sculpture.  This amount is non-refundable


Upon receipt of the down payment, Mr. Elsebusch will begin work on the sculpture or mural.  There is no set time for the sculpture or mural to be completed but, it is anticipated that it will take 4 to 6 weeks.  Upon completion of the sculpture or mural I agree to pay Mr. Elsebusch the balance of 50% of the total cost, as agreed upon, he then agrees to deliver the sculpture as previously agreed upon.  


I may, at my discretion, elect to provide my own shipping, however, I agree to pay Mr. Elsebusch for any required packaging to assure that my sculpture is not damaged in transit.  Once I accept the sculpture, and it is loaded on my truck, I agree not to hold Mr. Elsebusch liable for any damage incurred during transit or in off loading  the sculpture.


Signed, _________________________________Date________


Signed, _________________________________Date________

John Elsebusch