About John Elsebusch

John Has Worked With the Best

He launched his artistic career in the early 1990’s as one of the principal sculptors who created a full-sized Bat Plane for the Warner Brothers Studio Store in New York City.

This dynamic duo also sculpted four floats for Walt Disney’s Electric Light Parade and a 6-story tall, 21-inch deep relief sculpture of the New York City skyline.

Nature Is His Passion

His portfolio includes:

  • Twenty full-size animal sculptures for the Reserve Resort Golf Course at Palm Desert, CA

  • An 80-foot long scenic mural, enveloping the South Coast Winery tasting room in Temecula, CA

  • Lifelike animal murals found throughout Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Animal Preserve in Southern California

  • Dozens of intricately detailed and elegantly finished animal sculptures for fine art collectors

  • Clients include: City of Chino, CA; Empress Casino, Chicago; Luxor Pyramid, Las Vegas; Sunrise Sets

Man in the moon and John

John Is a Nationally Known Artist

  • John’s superb craftsmanship has been featured in regional newspapers, national magazine articles, and on television.

  • He currently resides in Escondido, California, and his creations are often on display for sale in galleries and at local events.

  • John has immersed himself in his wildlife sculptures, continually trying to reach a state of perfection.

  • His unflawed wood sculptures have been sold out of upscale galleries in California.

  • John has proven that each one of his sculptures is truly one-of-a-kind and that the difference is in the details, especially the eyes. Please see for yourself the magnificent artwork that John has created.

John’s Newest Creations

  • 2017 * completed 6′ x 9′ bison

  • 2016 * life-size mermaid

  • 2016 * 8′ x 6′ mountain lion family of three

Artist’s Statement – How It’s Done

  • Having the ability to reproduce animals in wood and develop different textures to come up with a very realistic fur quality is one of my passions.

  • I like the challenge of sculpting birds and animals and copying what God has made and giving them lifelike characteristics. People can see their beauty, their fur, their feathers, the expressions on their faces, the strength of an eagle and the feline beauty of a cat. a friend

  • Leo Gibar, who is a machinist, has made me my own special woodworking tips and tools to enable me to create these lifelike figures.

  • First, I use a chainsaw, then grinder and finally small Dremmels that have these unique custom-made woodworking tips placed in them.

  • Next, I paint, using watered down colors, many times painting color over color building up the colors, until I bring about a realistic work.

  • Finally, I use 3 coats of tongue oil finish, which is the secret of my work.

Creation DVD” of Your Project

With the help and experience of my business manager, Larry Kowallis, you can now purchase one of my works of art and receive a FREE DVD showing the entire creation of your custom project from start to finish.