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Why choose Inspection Gator?

  • Because you are looking for someone that will be an ally, someone that will work for you and you only.
  • Because you are searching for peace of mind as you make the very important decision to purchase or sell a home or to buy or sell a commercial property.
  • Because you want to get value for your hard earned dollar. Inspection Gator takes great pride in providing you with the information you need to make quantified decisions. Our reports as well as our business motto project our commitment to you. Our Motto, ‘’Your Peace of Mind is Our Business’’ is taken very seriously. Our Inspectors are trained in the latest industry standards, and all inspectors must meet or exceed continuing education requirements.

Who needs our services?

  • You- The buyer- Someone considering the purchase of a new home or property and who wants to know the condition of the property before you make a sizable investment in your new home.
  • Someone considering the purchase of a commercial property and wants to know the overall condition of the property.
  • You -The seller-Someone considering the sale of their home and having a desire to know about potential issues that may affect the sale or the negotiation of the sale.
  • You- The current homeowner having a desire to maintain your home and need someone to inform you of the current performance of your property by providing you with an annual inspection and report that allows for information on possible repairs that may improve future performance.
  • You –The local financial institution needing timely information regarding a home or office that may require conditional information that will allow for quantified decisions about finance options.
  • You- The local insurance company needing additional information regarding a claim application.

How do we compare to the competition?

We at Inspection Gator have built relationships with area real estate professionals as well as hundreds of satisfied clients that can provide you, the concerned buyer, the peace of mind that you have made a competent choice. Inspecting over 600 components associated with the structure, our inspectors must meet rigid requirements to become part of our team. Our inspectors must meet or exceed all state requirements and must maintain continuing education requirements to stay up to date on changes in the industry.

We pride ourselves in being an enhancement to the real estate transaction, providing additional information where needed to allow our clients to feel at ease with the new home or property they seek to purchase. Inspection Gator is blessed with a reputation built on Honesty, Integrity and Reliability as well as our effort to communicate clearly with our clients. At Inspection Gator, your information is held in strict confidence, meaning that your report and information is safe with us. We do not share any information regarding you or your inspection unless you authorize us to do so. Ensuring that you are a well informed and satisfied customer is our top priority.

When you trust us to inspect your home, we promise to give you the best of our knowledge, experience, and ability. We are a state licensed and certified professional real estate inspection services company committed to providing thorough, detailed and objective home inspections on behalf of you, our client. Unlike many of the people involved in your real estate transaction, we have no stake in the “deal.” Our fee is not contingent on the sale, so you can be assured to receive an entirely objective opinion to help you make an informed decision. ‘’Your Peace of Mind is Our Business’’

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